nail art at home

10 cute nail art designs at home

Hello, my girls

How are you doing all? So, as we all know that Nail Art is absolutely in trend and all of us love those cute and beautiful designs. But on the other hand, Nail Art kit is a bit expensive and going to the professionals too.

So, Today I am going to share with you all 10 simple and cute Nail Art design that you can create on your nails by using household items.

nail art at home

  • Before starting with creating designs, Apply a base code which protects your nails.

Now, let’s have a look at these techniques:-

1. Retro dots:- In this design, we take 3 colors Pink, Black, and White. Now, use pink as the base color. Take a bobby pin and stretch it a bit and use its one side to make black dots on your nails. Now, put white dot onto the black ones but slightly on the side. So that both black and white dots are visible.

nail art at home

2. Paint splatter:- In this design, We use White, Blue, Pink and Yellow color nail paints. Now, use white as the base color. Take a straw and dip it into the pink color polish. Then, blow through the straw to create a splatter look. Do the same with another color as well. Remove the excess paint from the finger.

3. DIY striping tape:- In this design, We use Blue and Silver polish. Take a piece of transparent tape and put silver polish on it and let it dry. Now, use blue polish as the base. Cut thin strips of silver polished tape and put on your nails to create the design. Cut the excess tape.

4. Heart print:- In this design, We use the White and Pink polish with white as the base color. Use a toothpick and dip into the pink polish and make 2 dots first then, drag the polish to make a perfect heart and fill it in. Repeat this method to create a heart on the entire nail.

5. Checkered:- In this design, We use Black and sea green color and use sea green as the base color. Now take 2 pieces of transparent tape and align the corner, So that they meet in the middle of the nail. Apply the black polish to the untaped area and remove the tape.

nail art at home

6. Colorful marble:- In this design, We use White, Green, Purple, Red, and Yellow polish with white as the base color. Put a drop of purple polish into a cup of water then take hairspray and spray it into the cup. It made a pretty design. Now dip your nail into the cup and clean the excess paint. Do the same with other colors.

7. Glitter burst:- In this design, We use Black and Glitter nail paint with black as the base. Cut 4 thin strips of tape and paste them on the nail in a burst form coming from the curticle. Now, apply the glitter polish all over your nail and remove the tape right after.

8. Side wave:- Use Sea Green and purple polish with sea green as the base color. Now, take a large piece of tape and cut it into a wavy pattern. Place the tape on the nail then, Apply purple polish on the untaped area and remove the tape right after.

9. Shattered glass:- In this design, We use Black polish as the base color. Take some aluminum foil and cut some small triangle pieces and apply them onto the nail.

10. Cut roses:- In this design, We use White, Pink, Light Pink, and Green polish with white as the base color. Use a toothpick to make a dot of pink polish and right after that apply a light pink dot on it and mix the colors together. Do the same to make other roses and use green polish to make leaves.

  • In the end, Apply a coat of transparent nail polish to protect your design and give them shine.





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