exercise for glowing skin
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3 Simple exercise for glowing skin

Hence, Glowing skin is the main concern for all the females of all age groups. Using different types of herbal or chemical product is not enough to give you a perfect glowing skin. So, today we are going to talk about different exercise which leads to a perfect glowing skin.

exercise for glowing skin

NOTE: Before starting these exercises you should consult your physician to make sure if it is right for you or not.


The main reason for having an unwanted patchy skin is stress and dehydration. In today’s life female take a lot of stress regarding their work whether it is due to home or job. And due to this, they can’t concentrate on their health and skin. Making yourself hydrated is one of the most important things for good health and skin.


1. In the first exercise, put your thumbs on your nostrils, then inhale and hold your breath, fill your mouth with breath and move your chin towards your chest and exhale slowly. Doing this for 1-2 minutes will help the blood to flow on your face that will give you a glowing skin.

2. In the second exercise, What needs to be done. Rub your hands thoroughly, place it close to your eyes, and gently massage your face and open your eyes. This has to be done because in morning you have a lot of energy in your body and in your palm, so when you rub it, you are getting that energy and putting it back on to your face. Do this exercise in the morning when you wake up on your bed.

3. In the last exercise, You need to inhale, hold your breath and exhale. Make sure that your back is straight, then inhale through your nose, hold your breath and exhale through your mouth. Try to hold your breath as much as you can hold.


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