bio mountain ebony vitalizing serum
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Biotique Bio mountain ebony vitalizing serum

Hello everyone, How are you guys doing? So, Today I am here to give you another review of a super amazing product launched by Biotique called Biotique Bio mountain ebony vitalizing serum.

This serum claims to prevent hair fall with its natural ingredients. Hair fall can occur due to many reasons like- Eating junk, Taking a lot of stress or Hormonal changes etc. And this product from Biotique assures to resolve this problem.

Let’s have a brief look at this product.

About the product:

Biotique Bio mountain ebony vitalizing serum contains Mountain ebony which is known for vitalizing hair and gives them more volume. The second major ingredient of this product is Neem which is known for having antibacterial and refreshing factors. This product promotes healthy growth of hair and stimulates them from root to the end. It makes the scalp free from dryness and more exhilarated.

biotique bio mountain ebony vitalizing serum

PRICE: Rs 159/- for 120 ml

How to use:

Apply the small quantity of Biotique bio mountain ebony vitalizing serum on your hair and massage gently on your dry scalp and leave it.

Ingredients :

bio mountain ebony vitalizing serum

My reviews:

The Biotique bio mountain ebony vitalizing serum comes in the signature white plastic bottle of Biotique. It contains a green plastic cap on its top which does not travel friendly because it can get opened easily during traveling.

The serum has a mild, refreshing and herbal fragrance that lasts long for only 10 minutes. This product is not like other serums. The consistency of this serum is much thinner and watery as compared to the Livon or any other serum.

This Biotique serum is quite light on my hair and does not leave any kind of oil on them. It gets easily spread on my wet hair. This product does not do exactly the same what it claims to do. The hair fall is still the same. I do not find any kind of reduction in my hair fall.

But, It makes my hair softer, shinier and refreshing for the very long period of time.

bio mountain ebony vitalizing serum


  1. Affordable
  2. Require less amount
  3. Refreshing fragrance
  4. Makes hair soft and shiny
  5. Removes dryness


  1. Not a travel-friendly product
  2. The consistency is too watery
  3. Do not protect hair hall



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