lakme blur perfect primer

Lakme Absolute blur perfect primer

A primer is not present in my daily routine makeup, But I always keep it for some special occasions. Lakme has launched its first ever primer called Lakme Absolute blur perfect primer. This product claims to provides you with a soft matte look. Lakme Absolute blur perfect primer comes with a blast in the world of primer. Let’s have a brief look at this amazing product.

Product description:

Lakme Absolute blur perfect primer contains Silky blur formula which brightens up your skin and gives you the perfect base for applying the makeup. This product also promises to soften the blemishes and pores on the skin.

Lakme’s Blur perfect primer is waterproof, totally lightweight and can give you the even-toned face.

lakme blur perfect primer

PRICE: Rs. 650 for 30 g

How to apply:

Take some amount of Lakme Absolute blur perfect primer on your palm, Apply small dots of primer all over your face and blend it nicely with the fingertips.

After applying the primer, wait for few minutes so that it gets set properly and then start applying foundation.



lakme blur perfect primer


My review:

I like the packaging of Lakme Absolute blur perfect primer. It comes in a black tube with the silver screw cap on it. The appearance of this product is quite attractive and pretty too.

It requires very less quantity to cover my entire face properly. The primer does not feel heavy or oily on my skin. The Lakme’s blur perfect primer gives me the desired velvet matte finish which is so comfortable for me to carry. This product blurs out all the blemishes and pores. And gives me the baby soft skin all day long. Lakme Absolute blur perfect primer helps my makeup to stay the same and fresh for a very long period of time.

The one negative trait of this product is that it does not moisturize your skin. It is better for the people who have oily skin as compared to those who have dry skin. The dry skin people can use moisturizer before applying this primer.

lakme blur perfect primer


  1. Cost-effective
  2. Easy to carry
  3. Requires less quantity
  4. Gives the velvet matte finish
  5. Blurs out all the blemishes and pores
  6. Gives the baby soft skin
  7. Absorb oil for 5 hours
  8. Make the makeup fresh for a long time


  1. Do not hydrate the skin.






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