livon serum
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Livon serum

Livon is a very reputed brand in the market for more than 8 years. Its products are completely outstanding and shown amazing result on hair. Livon serum became the best friend of our hair. I am using this product for last 7-8 months and here is my review on it.

Product description:

Livon serum makes the hair frizz free, soft, smooth and manageable. This product contains Vitamin E and helps your to look smooth and glossy. Daily usage of this product is effective in detangling and reducing hair breakage. It is a non-oily formula for all the type of hairs.

PRICE:- Rs. 49 for 25 ml

livon serum

How to use:

After doing shampoo, get a small quantity of this serum on your palms and apply it onto your damage hair nicely, along with the mid-lengths and ends.

My reviews:

As I am using the Livon serum for a very long time. It becomes the best friend of my hairs and I love using this product on a daily basis. It gives my hair a perfectly smooth, soft and glossy look with no frizziness. Livon serum provides extra moisture to hair with a beautiful fragrance that lasts long for some time.

Though, I like the texture of this product. It is easy to apply and get easily absorbed without being heavy. From my point of view, this product has no negative traits. I suggest everyone, try this product once in your life for beautiful hair.


livon serum



1. Easy to carry

2. Cost-effective

3. Left no greasiness

4. Wonderful fruity smell

5. Reduces frizz

6. Make hair soft and manageable

7. Contains Vitamin E

8. Repair breakage



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