mac pro long wear concealer

MAC pro-long wear concealer

Dark circles are one of the major problem these days that may effect your beauty. Dark circles can happen due to lack of sleep,  taking much stress or any other reason.

To solve this problem, MAC launched its concealer range called MAC pro-long wear concealer range. This range is much effective for dry skin because the formulation is quite oily and oily skin people need to use powder to set this concealer.

I am using this product for more than 2 months and here is the review on it.

About the product:

MAC pro-long wear concealer is an amazing range that can easily be matched with your skin tone. The texture of this concealer is creamy and gives you the right natural finish. It helps to hide the dark circles and provides a flawless and smooth skin.

MAC pro-long wear concealer comes in a small glass bottle. It contains a pump cap on the top. The pump cap makes it more hygienic and easy to use on the face.

MAC pro-long wear concealer comes in 2 different type of undertone:-

  • NW: NW stands for NEUTRAL WARM. This one is for the cool, pink undertones.
  • NC:- NC stands for NEUTRAL COOL. This one is for the warm, yellow undertone.

mac pro-long wear concealer

PRICE: Rs. 1000/- for 9 ml.

How to use:-

To apply this product, Place the dots around your under eyes then, blend it down into a triangle under your eye and then pat it off gently around the eyes. Make sure that it blends properly and cover all the line and dark areas under your eye.

mac pro-long wear concealer

My reviews:-

The first thing that I like about this concealer is the creamy texture. It is neither too thick nor too thin. This concealer gives me the beautiful natural finish for the longest period without any greasiness.It covers all the fine lines and dark areas all day long. This amazing concealer also works as a moisturizer and didn’t break me out.

But MAC pro-long wear concealer gets dry too quickly and didn’t give you much time to blend it perfectly. Another thing that I don’t like about this product is the packaging. I mean the pump cap need too much pressure to dispense the concealer.

mac pro-long wear concealer


  1. Creamy texture.
  2. Hides all the fine lines and dark circles.
  3. Gives you the natural finish.
  4. Stay for the longest time.
  5. Does not make your skin dry.
  6. Does not leave the crease.


  1. Packaging.
  2. It gets dry too quickly.


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