Maybelline newyork hyper impact liner

Maybelline newyork hyper impact liner

Hi pretty ladies,

Today I am here to share a complete review on Maybelline NewYork hyper impact liner. This is the first matte finish liquid eyeliner which has a dip-in brush technique. This liner gives you the perfect dark matte eye look. Maybelline claims that this product stays long for 24 hours. The tip of its brush is extremely slim and flexible which makes it easy to apply on eyes. You can create a different type of wink patterns by using this product. Maybelline NewYork does not get fade in humid or rainy climate.

Maybelline newyork hyper impact eyeliner

Product description:

Maybelline NewYork introduces its hyper impact black eyeliner in the world of the matte liner. This matte finish liquid eyeliner has a dip-in brush that gives you the intense finish for long period of time. It’s perfectly slim brush has an elongated, well-rounded applicator that makes the liner easy to apply. This wonderful eyeliner is smudge proof, waterproof and heatproof.

Price: Rs. 599

My reviews:

I personally like this product, especially the comfort and ease that it provides while applying. It gives the perfect intense black matte finish to eyes. But it will not stay as long as it claims to stay.

Maybelline newyork hyper impact liner


1. Gives matte finish.

2. Easy to use.

3. Good choice for beginners.

4. Flexible tip.

5. Does not get fade in humidity.


1. It will not stay too long.

2. Costly



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