maybelline white super fresh compact

Maybelline white super fresh compact

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As everyone knows that Maybelline becomes one of the favorite brands for girls due to their super awesome product that helps your skin to flaunt more. Today, I am here to share information about Maybelline’s white super fresh compact. So, here is my review.

About the product:

Maybelline white super fresh compact contains the mineral that helps in skin repairing. This product lightens up your complexion, absorbs oil, protects your skin from harmful UV rays that can make your skin dark and dull.

Unlike other compacts, it does not get mix with the sweat or make your face dark and damaged. The compact comes in 3 different shades that are:-





maybelline white super fresh compact

How to use:

With the help of puff, Apply the compact all over your face and neck. Blend it nicely on your face including the under-eye and jawline.

My review:

I am using Maybelline white super fresh compact for the past 2 months and after using this, I must say that-” They did a great job”. This compact comes in a beautiful white box with blue design. Inside, it contains a puff and a mirror, that help you to apply the compact easily. The texture of this product is smooth with a fruity fragrance. The shade of the compact gets completely matched with my skin tone without looking heavy.

After using this product, You can see the visible difference on your skin. It makes your face look more fresh and pretty. This compact is able to absorb the oil for pretty 3-4 hours. But it does not fulfill the claim to provide 12-hour whitening.



1. Easy to carry

2. Beautiful fruity fragrance

3. Absorbs oil and grease

4. Matches to your skin tone

5. Light weighted

6. Removes darkness and dullness

7. Provide fresh look

8. Cost-effective


1. Does not work for 12 hours as it claims.

2. Available only in 3 shades.



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