Nykaa paint stick lipsticks

Nykaa’s paint stick lipstick

Hey guys,

So. Nykaa has launched its new range of lipsticks called Paint stick lipstick. It claims to provide you undeniable saturated color in just one stroke. Here is my post on this color range by Nykaa.

Product description:

Nykaa has launched a beautiful range of matte lipsticks. There are 12 different shades in this range that are perfect to wear every day. These lipsticks have a creamy texture that was really long lasting.

Nykaa paint stick range have following shades:-

1. Nude spice

2. Cool girl nude

3. No chill orange

4. Peaches n cream

5. Tender rose

6. Chick flick pink

7. Rock n roll pink

8. Purple monster

9. Bombshell berry

10. Rebellious red

11. Heart and kisses

12. Grunge brown 

Nykaa paint stick lipsticks

Price: Rs. 425 for 3.5 gm

How to use:

Before using lipstick remove the dead skin from your lips with the help of a scrub and wash it off. Girls who have dry should use lip balm before applying lipstick. Now, apply lipstick all over your lips nicely without spreading it outside of your lips.

My reviews:

I really like this collection by Nykaa. These cute lipsticks give you the soft, cushiony and perfect matte finish on your lips.  These lipsticks contain a formula that makes sure your lips stay smooth and colored all day long.

nykaa paint stick lipsticks

PRODUCT LIFE: 36 months


1. Soft matte finish.

2. Long lasting

3. Contains vitamin E and nutrient contained butter.

4. Applied in just one stroke.





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